Your accounting software plays a critical role in the success of your business. Available timely support can have positive effect on your ability to het things done. With our various support options, we can assist you to take full advantage of the capabilities of your accounting software. We provide onsite, phone and remote access control support. Our qualified consultants ready to assist you with all of your financial accounting software needs. We have made your support option easy and accessible.

On-site Support

Our On-Site Support is designed for customer that prefers s ‘hands-on’ approach.  We will have our consultant visit your site to help you with your accounting software needs such as consultation, training, installation or trouble-shooting.  On short notice, we can have an experienced consultant at your doorstep

Annual Maintenance Contract

We also provide an annual maintenance contract for our customer who required our support continuously. It is very easy; it’s just a matter of signing the contract and leaves it to our qualified technicians to do the rest.

Phone Support

Most support questions can be quickly and economically resolved by a quick phone call to our technicians.  Our phone support offering are designed for customers that need immediate assistance and exceptional value. We can help with the system set-up, answering your technical questions suggest any changes and modification.

Instant Access Live Support

Our internet support offerings are designed for customers that need immediate assistance and exceptional value. We can help with system setup, answer your technical questions, suggest changes and modifications, customize forms and reports, install and update software using 3rd party remote access software such as teamviewer. By connecting to your computer while speaking on the phone, our consultant can assist you by researching causes and clearly demonstrating solutions directly on your system.

Installation & Implementation

Without the foundation of a proficient installation, the accounting system may be doomed to fail.  During installation (or implementation phase) decisions are made that affect the capabilities of the accounting system.

Our professionals have years of experience working with the accounting software that we support.  We will work together with the customer to plan and implement an installation process that will ensure a smooth transition to the accounting system. We will help the customer with data migration, system customization, form and report creation and much more.


All version purchased will come with training video disc.  Costs of most accounting software are merely a CD and packaging costs.  It is the training and the support that takes up the bulk of the total costs. We pass the saving to the customer by inform the lower investment costs by taking out the training cost.

We free our trainers of valuable time and the cost of the room and equipment set aside for the training purposes and the admin costs to coordinate all attendee’s attendance.  The training videos will ensure a consistent training standard set by the management.

Customized Training

We do customize training to specially fit your organizational work flow and requirements.

Our experienced trainers provide hands-on training course at our facility or at the customer’s office or working area. We pride ourselves on flexibility and we customize our curriculum to meet you needs.

With our hands-on training, our customer will gain the knowledge that they need to :-

  • Perform their job better
  • Complete the assignment faster
  • Make their work easier
  • Answer software question quickly and confidently
  • Able to create new opportunities
  • Meet with personal goals
  • Became a valuable resource to the company
  • Enjoy the feeling that comes with knowledge

In future, the company is expanding its support program by providing after sales Support training, maintenance and problem-solving solution.