All the help our customer’s need to select, learn and install their new system. Realtimme Accounting Software will help our customer take full advantage of the benefits of the new accounting system by providing our customer with pre-sales consultation, outstanding training, installation assistance and post-sales support. Our company has a good contact with local hardware agent in order to provide our customers with excellence services.

We offer a wide range of Accounting Software Product such as :-

  • Book Keeping Version ( Accounting System)
  • SOHO Version (Book keeping + Stock control)
  • Billing Version ( Stock Control)
  • POS Version (Point Of Sales Retail System)
  • POS Billing Version ( Point Of Sales retail + stock control)
  • Premium Version (Accounting System + stock control)
  • POS Premium Version ( Accounting System + Point Of Sales + Stock Control)
  • POS F & B (Restaurant)

We always believe that the establishment of good relationship with the customer will help us in building the customer confidence and trust towards our services and our product.


Point Of Sales (POS)

Point of Sales system is a front-end system specially designed for retail shop, mini market, supermarket, restaurant and any other front-end cash sales industries.  It is consist of module of direct cash bill as stock issue, cash received control & analysis, stock control, support receipt printer, Barcode, cash drawer, customer display etc.

Realtimme Accounting System

Realtimme Accounting System is an on-line system specially designed to handle full set of account.  It is suitable for industries such as retail & trading, construction & developer, organization & education and all kind of small & medium-sized industry.  Our system module consists of general ledger, debtor ledger, creditor ledger, direct official receipt, direct payment voucher, direct invoicing / DO / cash bill etc.

Realtimme Stock Control System

Realtimme Stock Control System specially designed to handle finishing goods & raw material stocks or goods movement quantity.  It is suitable for industries such as retail & trading, manufacturing, construction & developer and all kind of small & medium-sized industries.  Our system module consists of direct invoicing / DO / cash bill as stock issue, Bill of materials, assembly items, purchase invoice / stock received, stock adjustment tracking etc.

Our Product is specially designed to improve business and transaction . Using our dynamic software product and selection of quality component, we help transform our customers’ business environment every day.

Our product comes with benefit and advantage that will help you to increase for profitability, manageability and competitiveness.


  • A standardize system for easy handling and better management
  • A proper designed system to avoid human error for better control and accuracy
  • Centralize and instant information to eliminate double work and improve efficiency
  • Latest information technology system to create better image and provide professional customer services
  • Fast and instant analysis report to improve the ability to compete in the market and better sales


  • User-friendly - Acount clerk with minimum accounting knowledge able to enter the account transaction within short period of supervision / training.
  • Fast, reliable & effective - Single document entry will have real time to update to various accounting module. Our product will enable user to enter transaction in the fastest speed among accounting package
  • Powerful network features - All users can concurrently work on the systems. The systems will able to automatically assign document numbering and printing destination
  • Flexible and effective internal control system - The individual document entry will have access permission to each user.  Any modification will be logged into file
  • Effective tracing and secured system - It provides an effective document item tracing.  Each transaction can be fully trace from document to document. The linking of document provides secured billing control
  • Powerful data record; reporting tool - The historical transactions can span across multiple years without any limit.  Report can be self-added from time to time
  • Compliance - Helps ensure compliance with local tax and wages requirements to avoid costly fines and correction
  • Value - A comprehensive payroll systems and extensive free technical support in a single affordable package.
  • Reliability - Internal table setting with updates throughout the year for accurate computation such as Public Holiday, Community Fund, EPF, Socso, Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) and
  • Time - Saving - Ability to complete payroll processing within 15 minutes, significantly reducing processing time and costs. Also helps to ensure compliance with all local tax, wages and employment act requirements and avoiding costly penalties and corrections.
  • Simplicity - Windows menus make our software quick and easy to set-up, use and understands
  • Flexibility - Accommodates any combination of incomes, allowances, deductions, taxes, benefits and vacation, as well as hundreds report, including and easy-to-use report write for user’s defined reports. Also accommodates multiple companies, each with unique setup information.

If your company is one of the largest part of recurring expenses and your employees are the most valuable assets, our software system in accounting and payroll / human resources is value-added partner to your financial and human resource needs.


Our company is currently looking at a wide range of new exciting product to propose to our customer in order to broaden our market segment.

PDA Order Taking for Food & Beverage Outlet & Restaurant

The advantage of this product are :-

  • Waiter will take order form guest together with table number and menu item
  • Through wireless network, waiter save the order, kitchen and cashier counter will receive order.
  • Kitchen Receipt Printer at guest’s order
  • Happy hour charges or normal hours charges can be predefined
  • Able to receive payment by cash, nets or Visa
  • Membership point tracking by value.

PDA Order Taking for Outdoor Sales

The advantage of this product are :-

  • Suitable for van sales or outdoor sales
  • Upload customer, stock information into device before moving out
  • Confirm order at customer’s location
  • Download to office into Realtimme Sales Order
  • Sales Order link to Invoice by Admin Staff

PDA Stock Track

Stock Take using PDA synchronize to stock module

Realtimme Cloud Computing  (Realtimme SAAS—Software as a service)

Our company currently intoducing a web based accounting and Point Of Sales with order processing system by using SQL through internet updating. Many features are available in the system to enable companies to handle their work easier and faster. Its module includes General Ledger, Account Receivable and Account Payable. It has also a multiple language capability. Suitable for most companies and business such as :-

  • Trading Company
  • Contractor
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Retailers
  • Restaurant
  • Wholesales industry
  • Accounting Firm etc

Cloud computing is about cutting down unutilized resources, costs of maintaining or upgrading and oversized server, cost of powering up servers and saving office space for server room.

Cloud computing is about collaborating and sharing information with stakeholders and offering the mobility and accessibility anytime anywhere.

While all solutions come with benefits and risks, cloud computing benefits far outweighs the risks that come with it. Risks can further be managed in a cloud computing environment by users and the service providers.

Realtimme Cloud Computing  (Realtimme SAAS—Software as a service)

Realtimme SAAS is a model of our ERP software development in a private cloud environment (public cloud is like google, doc, gmail, window live) where your application is hosted as a service provided to customers (do not have to buy software anymore) across the internet, where we host and maintain you data (backup, updates and scaling up or scaling down your usage) in our data centre.

  • Advantage of Realtimme SAAS
  • Save on upfront hardware (server) and software costs (software licenses)
  • Eliminate hardware upgrade and maintenance costs
  • Able to increase users during peak period and reduce users during off peak period
  • Flexible business plan to accommodate expansion or downsizing of business
  • Account and information can be update anywhere at any location